Sunday, December 18, 2011

To My Love

from the first day that i met you, i felt the love inside. some fight's we still went threw, dont know y we did it to ourselves. even couples have there bad days, but the love u see, is what we need.and ull always be my world. even when were in a fight.

i wanna be with u night and day. tears may fall but i know its ok. i wanna be with u threw it all. u know ill love u till i die. love u till i die, ohh , love u till i die.

now the words we say can be evil. and what we say is not always true. in this game of love. ull always win. my heart is yours. cuz ur allways here to wipe my tears, with soft sweet words i smile at u. and its time i tell u all these words. ur what keeps me saticfied.

i wanna be with u night and day. tears may fall but i know its ok. i wanna be with u threw it all. u know ill love u till i die. love u till i die, ohh , love u till i die.

so maybe im alil scared, i dont wanna lose, ill feel so much pain. tell me its all gonna be ok, i wanna know....will u stay.

i wanna be with u night and day. tears may fall but i know its ok. i wanna be with u threw it all. u know ill love u till i die. love u till i die, ohh , love u till i die.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Mani Sweets has been my daughter for over a year on pico. We have seen the good and bad sides of each other. We have been threw the tears and the smiles. My daughter (mani sweetz) just got married and tis was a beautiful wedding.

And at the end of it all. XD my man eats all the cake. Dele i love you lols. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

AWWW look what he made me :D

He told me he had a surprise for me! little did i know he made me a heart out of candles AWWWWW

Thursday, September 15, 2011


.i have a favor to ask of u all. . . i have a grandson on pico how works hard everyday to make his room look amazing. . and tis really amazing. . . search him and look for urself, his rooms are hot 30 worthy. . .better then all them blank rooms i have been seein. . damn cheater. neway if u guys could fav his room i would love ya forever. and honestly he really deserves it. search him his pico ID is ©♚Random♚Neko♚

Monday, September 5, 2011

#2 on hot 30

Pico Jail has become #2 on hot 30. . . .im hopin for #1 tomorrow but who knows. . . :3 all ik is I BEAT THAT OTHER JAILS ASS. . . WOOOOO TAKE THAT OTHER JAIL

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Friends will come and friends will go. but there are some that u just can never let go. when life starts to turn in the opposite direction all u can do it take it one step at a time. face it with a smile and never look back on what could have been. life is too short to worry about what could have been, what u should have done, what might have happened if u did something different. Look forward to tomorrow. To a sunrise and a sunset. Sure the world is full of pain. maybe u feel like ur in the dark, no were to turn. trust meh ik from experiance what any of u go thro. . .just know that there always a light somewere in the darkness.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spade Waffle

This is to someone special. Someone would could always make meh smile. Make meh tears disapear, and the pain seem like it was just a dream. Spade Waffle, ur someone special, and no one can compare to u.

I wanna be, nowhere but near u.
I wanna give, anything to hear u.
with soft sweet words i sigh.
cuz things never go right.
but when i look around i see
nothing but u and me.
thank you for the time of meh life.
something ill never fine, in anyone else i see.
but life will always be
broken cuz now i see. . . 
no one . . . not even u and me.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


My birthday is on August 13th, i celebrated a day early on pico.
these are the pics of the fun and always memorable times
My friend Callie Flower threw meh a birthday party
the day before i celebrated mine. i had so much fun. ty callie

getting ready for the party is always fun when you
have friends 

Birthday wishes coming from meh great friend Jammy.

Leo's a good friend and always puts a smile on meh 
face. if any of u girls ever hurt him ill come kick ur asses.

Casino Fun with friends 

 More birthday Fun


OMG LOOKIE. . . this is bug. i named him. he is meh panda
hes the greatest friend u could ever have

^-^ meh daughter

XD leo and i love have some fun

Hes meh son and hes got a big heart :D

MEh son (Jay)
meh best friend best of all best friends (spade waffle)
and then a random chika

Im sorry but there is one pic. . .one person. . .one daughter
that really touched meh heart. she made meh cry.
i had no idea how much i ment to everyone until she did this
shes the world to meh. . .
my first daughter. . . without her meh life wouldnt be full
of family, friend, life, and love.
mani sweetz.
ur the perfect daughter,
so sweet so kind
after all that has happened u can face the world
with a smile. 
life is great when u have someone like 
mani sweetz with you.
i love you mani.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

well as some of u know i have a facebook page for pico jail. . .but for those of u that dont know

Monday, August 8, 2011

janelle - amazing

what am i thinkin? hmmm well

picture perfect memorys
happy forever more
 reaching for ur hand
cuz i cant fight it anymore
and i wonder if i ever cross ur mind
for meh it happens all the time
sitting in meh room thinking of what i said before
"u make meh perfect" thinking of it more and more
and i wonder what is on ur mind as i sit and watch time go by.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011


ℓσνє♥ρєρsι AND ℓσνє♥ρєρsι.     BOTH THE SAME PERSON. . . .HACKERS. . . WATCH OUT



Tuesday, July 5, 2011


im sorry all meh account has been hacked. . . from now on ill be playing on another account. . . her name atm is Sen Sweetz. srry again

Thursday, June 30, 2011



 i know pig latin >=D

am i leaving?

this is what i got when i told pplz i was leaving.

(09:08) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: O_O

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
plz dont quit im sorry for how i acted

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
ill be nicer

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
i was up all night think about what i said

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
plz mommie dont quit i love u

(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: iws wu weally lweaving pwico
(08:21) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: idk im still thinking
(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: i hwope wu swont
(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: *dwont

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:28)
if u quit jay quits

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
im still thinking

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
once i make me decision then ill post it on meh blog

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:30)
pleaze dont

ℓιυтєηαηт ¢σιє (09:21)
please dont

ℓιυтєηαηт ¢σιє (09:21)


♥Ginie яι¢нєz♥: NO MOM PLS NOO!

A yα: why you'll leave pico waaa my dear friend will leave pico :(

Ewllie Roswe ♥: WHY U LEAVEING!

Dr. Agnes.N◕ܫ◕: why you leaving PICO ? i like your room.. it's really cool

נαу яσѕє:
= ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

and 15 other inbox messages begging meh not to go. not including the 50 messages i got from jay cussing say F***

friends and family all begging meh not to go. all this time i didnt really think i was loved so much so i have desided.. . . .

im staying.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bunneh Family


(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: hi and welcome we are here today with PIE
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: hi pie
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: hiya
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: :D
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: how are u
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: goood
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: good
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: so are u in a family pie
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: no
(11:35) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sommone come
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: bunnie family
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: niice
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: and how long have u been in that family
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: um
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: bout a month
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: id remeber
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sommone come
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: STFU TV
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: niice. . . . do u love that family and how many members are there
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: um
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: i think
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: 6
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: idk
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: um
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD niice
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: bunny
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: SHHH TV
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: program is on tv
(11:37) amanda rocks!: owner
(11:37) amanda rocks!: can u be my mom
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: WE SAID STFU
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: no
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: ~throws rock at tv
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: TV
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: its meh
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: emma
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: go away
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: im about to delete u tv
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u try r@pe me
(11:37) amanda rocks!: hi
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: yesh
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u try r@pe a tv
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: OMFG
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD lol a moment with pie
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wtf
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: were having interview
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: nom nom
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: pie
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: pie
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: e.e
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: can i eat u
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: no
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: ok
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD this is funny anyway. .  .pie is it ture u have angr problems
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: :(
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: awaw
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: tytyijew
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: crasc
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: bang
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: boom
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: =.="
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sonic the hedoge
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: ~kiks tv
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wtf
(11:39) Ugly Butt Hole: MOMMIE
(11:39) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: TO ROOM 4 all
(11:39) amanda rocks!: I NEED A MOM
--- You have moved to ۞PICO JAIL۞
(11:39) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: NVM
(11:39) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: go back
(11:39) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: UGY GET DRESSED
(11:39) Ugly Butt Hole: y?
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wha
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: :(
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: NOW
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: ehh
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: uyr being recorded
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: no
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: -.-"
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: are u intresed
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: in room 3 is that my teddy?
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: AND THATS OUR INTERVIEW WITH PIE
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: mommie
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: BYE ALL

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rose Family (HARDY)


(09:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: we are here today with hardy reaper
(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mister reaper are u in a family

(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: yeh
(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: im in the sweet fam

(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: but there are rumors going around that u are roses dad anymore . . .
(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is that true

(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: maybe
(09:52) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: were in a akward relationship

(09:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: maybe? so u dont really know if rose cares about u anymore or not

(09:52) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ops i tought u said in not rose's dad anymore

(09:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well yes that too

(09:53) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: wellll  iam her dad

(09:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm ok then. . . so now u r her dad

(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: wut i rly wnt ish tht she could be meh gf :p

(09:54) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: O_O i think she has a man stil

(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: idc if she have a man
(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: i'l stil love her :p

(09:54) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: =O i think she does

(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: she does wutt O.o

(09:55) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: she cares that she has a man

(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ik she care bout her man
(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: welll i kinda care :p

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so ur in love with black rose

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: lol yeh

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u know how many other men say that a day

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ik
(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ummm lemmi count :p

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm mhm ok well u dont have to do that

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: xD kayy
(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: 2k+?

(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well that is all we have for today anything u want to say to the
(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers

(09:57) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: nope

(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: BYE

Friday, June 24, 2011



(14:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: SO NEWBI POSTER whats it like being a poster in the pico world

(14:58) Pico Poster: Its great i get to see all the different ppl around

(14:58) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm interesting
(14:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u ever get board just sitting there . . .

(14:59) Pico Poster: yeah sometimes but its interesting see everything that goes on in this
(14:59) Pico Poster: world

(15:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so pico poster are u ever gonna change

(15:00) Pico Poster: i dont see me changeing in the near future

(15:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well thats all for today anything u wanna say to our readers

(15:01) Pico Poster: no

(15:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then BYE

The Rose Family (UGLY/Ewllie)


(14:10) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok hi ugly how r u

(14:10) Ugly Butt Hole: good]

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats good i have a few questions to ask u

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: ok

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur name is ugly butt hole . . . right

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: yup

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well why that name

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: i like it and it fits for me

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD kk well how many times a day u get made fun of

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: ill say like maybe 10 or 50 or 3

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD lol

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is there any reason u made urself they way u r

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: ya

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: or did u just wanna go crazy

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: because i wanted to see if people would like me for who i am

(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and how often do u get fans
(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: wanting autographs

(14:13) Ugly Butt Hole: like every day

(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm
(14:14) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u love ur life. . . and everyone in it or can u do without most ppl

(14:14) Ugly Butt Hole: i love my life just how it isd

(14:14) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u think that maybe u can give ur mom alil more credit then u do

(14:15) Ugly Butt Hole: yes because i have little problum s and stuff but i try

(14:15) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and i think ur mother trys hard. . . having so many kids and all of
(14:15) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: them want so much from her

(14:15) Ugly Butt Hole: yes

(14:16) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well that all time we have . . .ugly anything u wanna say to our
(14:16) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers

(14:16) Ugly Butt Hole: yes i would
(14:16) Ugly Butt Hole: every one just because of who people look it doesnt matter

(14:17) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well bye


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Rose Family (LILLY)


(18:58) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok miss lilly. . . . can i call u lilly

(18:59) lilly яσѕe: yes
(18:59) lilly яσѕe: xD

(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok
(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so how long have u been apart of the rose family

(18:59) lilly яσѕe: well i think about 10 months

(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: wow. . . and do u like it?

(19:00) lilly яσѕe: i love it <3

(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats great. . . and how about ur mom's jail. . .
(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and worrys that it might get taken from her
(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: or copied

(19:00) lilly яσѕe: well i also love it cause i gave my mom the idea

(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: true true

(19:01) lilly яσѕe: and if anyone tries to copy it i will dig a hole all the way to hell
(19:01) lilly яσѕe: and push them into it

(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD but there are rumors going around saying someone made another
(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: pico jail
(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: any concerns that ur mom might give up

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: no not really cause she loves her jail

(19:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well . . . thats good

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: and i know if she gives up her jail she will change her mind

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: cause thats wat she always does
(19:02) lilly яσѕe: xD

(19:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and what about jay do u think hes a dork. . . and could u live without
(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: him?

(19:03) lilly яσѕe: well hes a major dork but i have to admit ive never had a brother like
(19:03) lilly яσѕe: him

(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: he sure is special
(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(19:03) lilly яσѕe: xD
(19:03) lilly яσѕe: but special in a good way

(19:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: theres a rumor going around do u think u could clear it up
(19:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is jay a player/girl user

(19:04) lilly яσѕe: ive never seen him use a girl before

(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well i thought he was i heard u say so

(19:05) lilly яσѕe: well maybe...
(19:05) lilly яσѕe: actually i never said so
(19:05) lilly яσѕe: u did

(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: but well i have seen him use girls
(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: there was one i had forgot he even dated

(19:06) lilly яσѕe: but i havent. . . its the way he acts it seems like he uses girls

(19:06) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm. . . and what do u think about ur sister ugly

(19:06) lilly яσѕe: well she has a temper
(19:07) lilly яσѕe: but shes super funny and a fun person
(19:07) lilly яσѕe: and u will never feel down when ur around her

(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm agreed. . . altho she gets on my nerves alot

(19:07) lilly яσѕe: xD thats true but thats the funny side of her

(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: shes a good girl (maybe)
(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: for u -.-"

(19:08) lilly яσѕe: =/ i know how it feels like having a daughter like ugly
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: trust me i know how it feels like xD

(19:08) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well thats all the time we have. . . anything u want to say to the
(19:08) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers before we go

(19:08) lilly яσѕe: yea
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: screw u JAY!
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: =D

(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD ok thats all for now. . . join us next time when i try and get an
(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: interview with ugly butt hole
(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: BYE

(19:09) lilly яσѕe: c yaa dudes

The Rose Family (JAY)


(13:39) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok hi jay how r u doing today

(13:39) נay яose: uh
(13:40) נay яose: little bit tired
(13:40) נay яose: but fine

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mk well i understand u have been in the family for a long time

(13:40) נay яose: yup

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u know exactlly how long

(13:40) נay яose: like 9 months i think
(13:40) נay яose: i didn't count

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD mk and what pico jail around then?

(13:41) נay яose: yup
(13:41) נay яose: u had first an adoption center when i came

(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: lol
(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: i remeber u were just a lil boy

(13:41) נay яose: Lol

(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and u never wanted to go to skool

(13:41) נay яose: XD
(13:42) נay яose: .....

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: with kyky

(13:42) נay яose: -_-
(13:42) נay яose: kyky was cool

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur cute lil dance that u still do

(13:42) נay яose: uh ok
(13:42) נay яose: i dont do it anymore

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: the box step i believe

(13:42) נay яose: i have a cooler one

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(13:42) נay яose: lol yeah

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well anyway  . . what made u join this family

(13:43) נay яose: um i have no idea you looked cool when i met you but u were my grandma
(13:43) נay яose: -_-

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then welllll

(13:43) נay яose: then i met lilly with her gun

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is there anything u wanna say the the readers

(13:43) נay яose: umm
(13:43) נay яose: gothena is cool

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then

(13:44) נay яose: XD

(13:44) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: byeeeeeeeeeeee

(13:44) נay яose: cya

--❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The Rose Family (squall)

This is my Pico Huby.. . . Bf irl. ENJOY.

(11:46) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok squall. . . u dont mind if i call u squall?

(11:46) squall яσѕe: no its fine u can call me squall lol

(11:46) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: r u single

(11:46) squall яσѕe: No i am not single

(11:47) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and who is the lucky lady

(11:47) squall яσѕe: the lucky lady is the wonderfull beautiful lady sitting next to me YOU

(11:47) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: must be one fine lucky lady
(11:48) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(11:48) squall яσѕe: yup

(11:48) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well is it true u r part of the Rose Family then

(11:48) squall яσѕe: yes it is true i am part of the Rose family

(11:49) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and how many kids do u think i have?

(11:49) squall яσѕe: you have alot!!!!! about 8-10

(11:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur close but no.  . more like 13-15
(11:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u enjoy being a father to them?

(11:50) squall яσѕe: yes i do enjoy being there dad

(11:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well ur kids are always saying . . . weres dad. . . how would u. . .
(11:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: respond to that

(11:52) squall яσѕe: I would say that im not on... but now i can be on more often to be a
(11:52) squall яσѕe: proper dad
(11:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats good. . . .thats good. . .

(11:52) squall яσѕe: yes maam

(11:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well is there anything u want to say to the readers before we go

(11:52) squall яσѕe: yes i would
(11:53) squall яσѕe: I just want you all to know that i LOVE this girl right here she means
(11:53) squall яσѕe: everything to me she is my world and i love her soo much

(11:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD
(11:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then BYE READERS

(11:53) squall яσѕe: byez

--❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The Waffe Family(spade))

A Waffle Family Leader. And a close friend of mine WAFFLE. You have seen him on my other blog. Now here he is in an interview. ENJOY

(11:26) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: alright now waffle y r u in the waffle family

(11:27) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: b/c i sorta created the waffle family....

(11:27) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: =O u did. . . in what way

(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: well,meh nd mi mom decided 2 make a family

(11:28) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm impressive

(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: su i started naming names,we decided on white
(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: but then,jammy said she wanted it 2 be waffle

(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and then the waffle were born
(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: very nice

(11:29) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: presicly

(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and how many family members are there

(11:30) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: uhm...30 at the most i think

(11:30) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: very niice
(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well is there anything u want to say to the readers before
(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: we go

(11:31) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: naw

(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well then BYE READERS

                                         --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The SunShine Family(Sam)


Me and My Pico Sister

(11:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok now ♥тιкαкιтту99♡ y did u join the rose family

(11:01) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: because i luv my sister Sen

(11:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD is she the only reason u joined?

(11:01) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: no its because i love my family
(11:02) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: except jay

(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and do u think there is any reason u would leave it?

(11:02) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: no not really

(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: what if a fight broke out breaking the family up
(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: would u still stay

(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: i would do my best to keep the family together and if that dint work
(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: i would just settle for the family as me Sen and our mommy
(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: :D

(11:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ^-^
(11:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well before we go is there anything u want the readers to know

(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: yes
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: JAY UR A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: GOONIGHT
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: -bows-

(11:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD ok well that all pplz. . . hope u enjoyed it

(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: BYEEEEEEEEEEEE
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: IM HOT


                               --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

My Blog

Im gonna go around pico and try and get interviews from all hot 30 owners. . . .ENJOY ^-^

                          --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀