Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Rose Update

ok so everyone this is a much needed black rose update....i was hacked by my ex bf dele......everything was deleted and i am almost done getting it all back i am just missing 2 pets blueberry my blue turtle and waffle my black and white panda. so ya....but im back...better then ever.....not even mad anymore at dele in fact we are still friends....ik im stupid blah blah whatever dont care. he knows hes pri hated by many cuz of what he did. but anyway im back and just stay posted on my pico jail website (EPIC FACEBOOK LINK HERE) and there are some bg things yet to come....(ill give u alil hint) for all fb users i might be having a contest and one of the prizes might be gold. i love u all. thx for ur support and i cant wait to see u next time u come and visit me at Pico Jail.