Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Friends will come and friends will go. but there are some that u just can never let go. when life starts to turn in the opposite direction all u can do it take it one step at a time. face it with a smile and never look back on what could have been. life is too short to worry about what could have been, what u should have done, what might have happened if u did something different. Look forward to tomorrow. To a sunrise and a sunset. Sure the world is full of pain. maybe u feel like ur in the dark, no were to turn. trust meh ik from experiance what any of u go thro. . .just know that there always a light somewere in the darkness.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spade Waffle

This is to someone special. Someone would could always make meh smile. Make meh tears disapear, and the pain seem like it was just a dream. Spade Waffle, ur someone special, and no one can compare to u.

I wanna be, nowhere but near u.
I wanna give, anything to hear u.
with soft sweet words i sigh.
cuz things never go right.
but when i look around i see
nothing but u and me.
thank you for the time of meh life.
something ill never fine, in anyone else i see.
but life will always be
broken cuz now i see. . . 
no one . . . not even u and me.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


My birthday is on August 13th, i celebrated a day early on pico.
these are the pics of the fun and always memorable times
My friend Callie Flower threw meh a birthday party
the day before i celebrated mine. i had so much fun. ty callie

getting ready for the party is always fun when you
have friends 

Birthday wishes coming from meh great friend Jammy.

Leo's a good friend and always puts a smile on meh 
face. if any of u girls ever hurt him ill come kick ur asses.

Casino Fun with friends 

 More birthday Fun


OMG LOOKIE. . . this is bug. i named him. he is meh panda
hes the greatest friend u could ever have

^-^ meh daughter

XD leo and i love have some fun

Hes meh son and hes got a big heart :D

MEh son (Jay)
meh best friend best of all best friends (spade waffle)
and then a random chika

Im sorry but there is one pic. . .one person. . .one daughter
that really touched meh heart. she made meh cry.
i had no idea how much i ment to everyone until she did this
shes the world to meh. . .
my first daughter. . . without her meh life wouldnt be full
of family, friend, life, and love.
mani sweetz.
ur the perfect daughter,
so sweet so kind
after all that has happened u can face the world
with a smile. 
life is great when u have someone like 
mani sweetz with you.
i love you mani.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


well as some of u know i have a facebook page for pico jail. . .but for those of u that dont know

Monday, August 8, 2011

janelle - amazing

what am i thinkin? hmmm well

picture perfect memorys
happy forever more
 reaching for ur hand
cuz i cant fight it anymore
and i wonder if i ever cross ur mind
for meh it happens all the time
sitting in meh room thinking of what i said before
"u make meh perfect" thinking of it more and more
and i wonder what is on ur mind as i sit and watch time go by.