Thursday, June 30, 2011



 i know pig latin >=D

am i leaving?

this is what i got when i told pplz i was leaving.

(09:08) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: O_O

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
plz dont quit im sorry for how i acted

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
ill be nicer

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
i was up all night think about what i said

Ewllie Roswe ♥ (09:07)
plz mommie dont quit i love u

(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: iws wu weally lweaving pwico
(08:21) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: idk im still thinking
(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: i hwope wu swont
(08:21) мα¢кєиzιє: *dwont

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:28)
if u quit jay quits

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
im still thinking

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:29)

♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡ (08:29)
once i make me decision then ill post it on meh blog

♥✿ѕαм ѕнιηє♡❀ (08:30)
pleaze dont

ℓιυтєηαηт ¢σιє (09:21)
please dont

ℓιυтєηαηт ¢σιє (09:21)


♥Ginie яι¢нєz♥: NO MOM PLS NOO!

A yα: why you'll leave pico waaa my dear friend will leave pico :(

Ewllie Roswe ♥: WHY U LEAVEING!

Dr. Agnes.N◕ܫ◕: why you leaving PICO ? i like your room.. it's really cool

נαу яσѕє:
= ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

and 15 other inbox messages begging meh not to go. not including the 50 messages i got from jay cussing say F***

friends and family all begging meh not to go. all this time i didnt really think i was loved so much so i have desided.. . . .

im staying.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bunneh Family


(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: hi and welcome we are here today with PIE
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: hi pie
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: hiya
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: :D
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: how are u
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: goood
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: good
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: so are u in a family pie
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: no
(11:35) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sommone come
(11:35) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: bunnie family
(11:35) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: niice
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: and how long have u been in that family
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: um
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: bout a month
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: id remeber
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sommone come
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: STFU TV
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: niice. . . . do u love that family and how many members are there
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: um
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: i think
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: 6
(11:36) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: idk
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: um
(11:36) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD niice
(11:36) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: bunny
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: SHHH TV
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: program is on tv
(11:37) amanda rocks!: owner
(11:37) amanda rocks!: can u be my mom
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: WE SAID STFU
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: no
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: ~throws rock at tv
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: TV
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: its meh
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: emma
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: go away
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: im about to delete u tv
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u try r@pe me
(11:37) amanda rocks!: hi
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: yesh
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: u try r@pe a tv
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: OMFG
(11:37) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD lol a moment with pie
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wtf
(11:37) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: were having interview
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: nom nom
(11:37) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: pie
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: pie
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: e.e
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: can i eat u
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: no
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: ok
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD this is funny anyway. .  .pie is it ture u have angr problems
(11:38) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: :(
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: XD
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: awaw
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: tytyijew
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: crasc
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: bang
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: boom
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: =.="
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: sonic the hedoge
(11:38) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: ~kiks tv
(11:38) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wtf
(11:39) Ugly Butt Hole: MOMMIE
(11:39) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: TO ROOM 4 all
(11:39) amanda rocks!: I NEED A MOM
--- You have moved to ۞PICO JAIL۞
(11:39) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: NVM
(11:39) Ṕḯ€ღ‼❣: go back
(11:39) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: UGY GET DRESSED
(11:39) Ugly Butt Hole: y?
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: wha
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: :(
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: NOW
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: ehh
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: uyr being recorded
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: no
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: -.-"
(11:40) ๖ۣۜ★мar¢u¥¥ۜ: are u intresed
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: in room 3 is that my teddy?
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: AND THATS OUR INTERVIEW WITH PIE
(11:40) Ugly Butt Hole: mommie
(11:40) ♥вℓα¢к яσѕє♡: BYE ALL

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rose Family (HARDY)


(09:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: we are here today with hardy reaper
(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mister reaper are u in a family

(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: yeh
(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: im in the sweet fam

(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: but there are rumors going around that u are roses dad anymore . . .
(09:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is that true

(09:51) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: maybe
(09:52) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: were in a akward relationship

(09:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: maybe? so u dont really know if rose cares about u anymore or not

(09:52) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ops i tought u said in not rose's dad anymore

(09:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well yes that too

(09:53) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: wellll  iam her dad

(09:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm ok then. . . so now u r her dad

(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: wut i rly wnt ish tht she could be meh gf :p

(09:54) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: O_O i think she has a man stil

(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: idc if she have a man
(09:54) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: i'l stil love her :p

(09:54) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: =O i think she does

(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: she does wutt O.o

(09:55) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: she cares that she has a man

(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ik she care bout her man
(09:55) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: welll i kinda care :p

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so ur in love with black rose

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: lol yeh

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u know how many other men say that a day

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ik
(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: ummm lemmi count :p

(09:56) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm mhm ok well u dont have to do that

(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: xD kayy
(09:56) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: 2k+?

(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well that is all we have for today anything u want to say to the
(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers

(09:57) ۞Haяdy۞яeapeя۞: nope

(09:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: BYE

Friday, June 24, 2011



(14:57) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: SO NEWBI POSTER whats it like being a poster in the pico world

(14:58) Pico Poster: Its great i get to see all the different ppl around

(14:58) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm interesting
(14:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u ever get board just sitting there . . .

(14:59) Pico Poster: yeah sometimes but its interesting see everything that goes on in this
(14:59) Pico Poster: world

(15:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so pico poster are u ever gonna change

(15:00) Pico Poster: i dont see me changeing in the near future

(15:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well thats all for today anything u wanna say to our readers

(15:01) Pico Poster: no

(15:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then BYE

The Rose Family (UGLY/Ewllie)


(14:10) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok hi ugly how r u

(14:10) Ugly Butt Hole: good]

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats good i have a few questions to ask u

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: ok

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur name is ugly butt hole . . . right

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: yup

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well why that name

(14:11) Ugly Butt Hole: i like it and it fits for me

(14:11) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD kk well how many times a day u get made fun of

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: ill say like maybe 10 or 50 or 3

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD lol

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is there any reason u made urself they way u r

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: ya

(14:12) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: or did u just wanna go crazy

(14:12) Ugly Butt Hole: because i wanted to see if people would like me for who i am

(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and how often do u get fans
(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: wanting autographs

(14:13) Ugly Butt Hole: like every day

(14:13) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm
(14:14) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u love ur life. . . and everyone in it or can u do without most ppl

(14:14) Ugly Butt Hole: i love my life just how it isd

(14:14) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u think that maybe u can give ur mom alil more credit then u do

(14:15) Ugly Butt Hole: yes because i have little problum s and stuff but i try

(14:15) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and i think ur mother trys hard. . . having so many kids and all of
(14:15) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: them want so much from her

(14:15) Ugly Butt Hole: yes

(14:16) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well that all time we have . . .ugly anything u wanna say to our
(14:16) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers

(14:16) Ugly Butt Hole: yes i would
(14:16) Ugly Butt Hole: every one just because of who people look it doesnt matter

(14:17) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well bye


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Rose Family (LILLY)


(18:58) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok miss lilly. . . . can i call u lilly

(18:59) lilly яσѕe: yes
(18:59) lilly яσѕe: xD

(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok
(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: so how long have u been apart of the rose family

(18:59) lilly яσѕe: well i think about 10 months

(18:59) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: wow. . . and do u like it?

(19:00) lilly яσѕe: i love it <3

(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats great. . . and how about ur mom's jail. . .
(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and worrys that it might get taken from her
(19:00) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: or copied

(19:00) lilly яσѕe: well i also love it cause i gave my mom the idea

(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: true true

(19:01) lilly яσѕe: and if anyone tries to copy it i will dig a hole all the way to hell
(19:01) lilly яσѕe: and push them into it

(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD but there are rumors going around saying someone made another
(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: pico jail
(19:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: any concerns that ur mom might give up

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: no not really cause she loves her jail

(19:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well . . . thats good

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: and i know if she gives up her jail she will change her mind

(19:02) lilly яσѕe: cause thats wat she always does
(19:02) lilly яσѕe: xD

(19:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and what about jay do u think hes a dork. . . and could u live without
(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: him?

(19:03) lilly яσѕe: well hes a major dork but i have to admit ive never had a brother like
(19:03) lilly яσѕe: him

(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: he sure is special
(19:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(19:03) lilly яσѕe: xD
(19:03) lilly яσѕe: but special in a good way

(19:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: theres a rumor going around do u think u could clear it up
(19:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is jay a player/girl user

(19:04) lilly яσѕe: ive never seen him use a girl before

(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well i thought he was i heard u say so

(19:05) lilly яσѕe: well maybe...
(19:05) lilly яσѕe: actually i never said so
(19:05) lilly яσѕe: u did

(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: but well i have seen him use girls
(19:05) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: there was one i had forgot he even dated

(19:06) lilly яσѕe: but i havent. . . its the way he acts it seems like he uses girls

(19:06) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm. . . and what do u think about ur sister ugly

(19:06) lilly яσѕe: well she has a temper
(19:07) lilly яσѕe: but shes super funny and a fun person
(19:07) lilly яσѕe: and u will never feel down when ur around her

(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm agreed. . . altho she gets on my nerves alot

(19:07) lilly яσѕe: xD thats true but thats the funny side of her

(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: shes a good girl (maybe)
(19:07) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: for u -.-"

(19:08) lilly яσѕe: =/ i know how it feels like having a daughter like ugly
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: trust me i know how it feels like xD

(19:08) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well thats all the time we have. . . anything u want to say to the
(19:08) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: readers before we go

(19:08) lilly яσѕe: yea
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: screw u JAY!
(19:08) lilly яσѕe: =D

(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD ok thats all for now. . . join us next time when i try and get an
(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: interview with ugly butt hole
(19:09) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: BYE

(19:09) lilly яσѕe: c yaa dudes

The Rose Family (JAY)


(13:39) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok hi jay how r u doing today

(13:39) נay яose: uh
(13:40) נay яose: little bit tired
(13:40) נay яose: but fine

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mk well i understand u have been in the family for a long time

(13:40) נay яose: yup

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u know exactlly how long

(13:40) נay яose: like 9 months i think
(13:40) נay яose: i didn't count

(13:40) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD mk and what pico jail around then?

(13:41) נay яose: yup
(13:41) נay яose: u had first an adoption center when i came

(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: lol
(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: i remeber u were just a lil boy

(13:41) נay яose: Lol

(13:41) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and u never wanted to go to skool

(13:41) נay яose: XD
(13:42) נay яose: .....

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: with kyky

(13:42) נay яose: -_-
(13:42) נay яose: kyky was cool

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur cute lil dance that u still do

(13:42) נay яose: uh ok
(13:42) נay яose: i dont do it anymore

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: the box step i believe

(13:42) נay яose: i have a cooler one

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(13:42) נay яose: lol yeah

(13:42) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well anyway  . . what made u join this family

(13:43) נay яose: um i have no idea you looked cool when i met you but u were my grandma
(13:43) נay яose: -_-

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then welllll

(13:43) נay яose: then i met lilly with her gun

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: is there anything u wanna say the the readers

(13:43) נay яose: umm
(13:43) נay яose: gothena is cool

(13:43) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then

(13:44) נay яose: XD

(13:44) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: byeeeeeeeeeeee

(13:44) נay яose: cya

--❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The Rose Family (squall)

This is my Pico Huby.. . . Bf irl. ENJOY.

(11:46) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok squall. . . u dont mind if i call u squall?

(11:46) squall яσѕe: no its fine u can call me squall lol

(11:46) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: r u single

(11:46) squall яσѕe: No i am not single

(11:47) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and who is the lucky lady

(11:47) squall яσѕe: the lucky lady is the wonderfull beautiful lady sitting next to me YOU

(11:47) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: must be one fine lucky lady
(11:48) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD

(11:48) squall яσѕe: yup

(11:48) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm well is it true u r part of the Rose Family then

(11:48) squall яσѕe: yes it is true i am part of the Rose family

(11:49) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and how many kids do u think i have?

(11:49) squall яσѕe: you have alot!!!!! about 8-10

(11:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ur close but no.  . more like 13-15
(11:50) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: do u enjoy being a father to them?

(11:50) squall яσѕe: yes i do enjoy being there dad

(11:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well ur kids are always saying . . . weres dad. . . how would u. . .
(11:51) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: respond to that

(11:52) squall яσѕe: I would say that im not on... but now i can be on more often to be a
(11:52) squall яσѕe: proper dad
(11:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: thats good. . . .thats good. . .

(11:52) squall яσѕe: yes maam

(11:52) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: well is there anything u want to say to the readers before we go

(11:52) squall яσѕe: yes i would
(11:53) squall яσѕe: I just want you all to know that i LOVE this girl right here she means
(11:53) squall яσѕe: everything to me she is my world and i love her soo much

(11:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD
(11:53) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok then BYE READERS

(11:53) squall яσѕe: byez

--❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The Waffe Family(spade))

A Waffle Family Leader. And a close friend of mine WAFFLE. You have seen him on my other blog. Now here he is in an interview. ENJOY

(11:26) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: alright now waffle y r u in the waffle family

(11:27) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: b/c i sorta created the waffle family....

(11:27) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: =O u did. . . in what way

(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: well,meh nd mi mom decided 2 make a family

(11:28) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm impressive

(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: su i started naming names,we decided on white
(11:28) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: but then,jammy said she wanted it 2 be waffle

(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and then the waffle were born
(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: very nice

(11:29) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: presicly

(11:29) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: and how many family members are there

(11:30) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: uhm...30 at the most i think

(11:30) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: very niice
(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well is there anything u want to say to the readers before
(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: we go

(11:31) ♠ᔑῤαԃє ὠჃℓє♠: naw

(11:31) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well then BYE READERS

                                         --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

The SunShine Family(Sam)


Me and My Pico Sister

(11:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok now ♥тιкαкιтту99♡ y did u join the rose family

(11:01) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: because i luv my sister Sen

(11:01) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD is she the only reason u joined?

(11:01) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: no its because i love my family
(11:02) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: except jay

(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: mhm and do u think there is any reason u would leave it?

(11:02) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: no not really

(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: what if a fight broke out breaking the family up
(11:02) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: would u still stay

(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: i would do my best to keep the family together and if that dint work
(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: i would just settle for the family as me Sen and our mommy
(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: :D

(11:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ^-^
(11:03) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: ok well before we go is there anything u want the readers to know

(11:03) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: yes
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: JAY UR A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: GOONIGHT
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: -bows-

(11:04) ❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀: XD ok well that all pplz. . . hope u enjoyed it

(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: BYEEEEEEEEEEEE
(11:04) ♥тιкαкιтту99♡: IM HOT


                               --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀

My Blog

Im gonna go around pico and try and get interviews from all hot 30 owners. . . .ENJOY ^-^

                          --❀ßℓα¢k яσѕe❀