Monday, August 13, 2012


this is a short song....i wrote for u shadow.

i lost a piece of me in u,
i think i left it in ur arms,
i forget the reasons i get scared,
and remember y i care when im with u
u see that lately i been on my own
its different when ur around,
u see thats a first for me,
ur my only need and i cant live without u,
i really need u
need u
i need u..............
and ill find a way to make it
theres no one left to stop me
here i go
can u make this pain stop?

for some time, for so long
ur the one that keeps me strong
dont try to take this from me
ive already spent living half my life undone
for sometime, for so long
so sad i wanna be strong
dont try to take her from me
ive already lived my life half undone

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